RESET 2020

“I got no time for that” has become an universal mantra and people seem to use it as an excuse for most situations. If I had to guess, you have been stuck at home for the past few weeks and yet, have not started any of the projects you were saving for “when you had time”.

Aside from the distress and uncertainty of what 2020 is preparing for us, I believe we all thought we could manage our time better now that we have saved a few hours of commute. However, as the days went by, it seemed that we had more things to do, which we would have delegated before the quarantine. Working parents not only had to adapt to a full-time home office but have also became school, nanny and cafeteria. People who hired cleaning and cooking staff had to dismiss third parties to become cleaners and chefs in their own houses. Companies that are struggling to keep their employees are more demanding and the number of Zoom meetings swamp the Outlook calendar. If your reality is different, you are either working for an essential provider and going out for work (Thank you and Congratulations!), or your city has not been affected by the Covid-19.

Are you feeling unproductive or disorganized? That’s the feeling when you are not in vacation mode and aside from your 9–5 office job, you are holding part-time jobs without leaving the house. I am not in the position to complain of my situation because I was blessed with a job that allows me to continue working from home and my living conditions keep me protected from contamination, which unfortunately it’s not the reality for many people in Brazil.

However, social media might be distorting the truth in most households, as celebrities and influencers post videos of large houses with plenty of space to exercise and follow the #stayhome campaign, as if their family were on staycation. Surely there are Instagram accounts with inspiring pictures and ideas for the quarantine, but I think that those with power of influence should be more responsible and openly discuss how to help others and cope with the mixed feelings that surround us.

I understand people in self-isolation crave entertainment and fitness videos (and I am loving the variety of online classes), but there is a reason why part of the world (entire countries) are confined and waiting for the best to come. I see economies collapsing and world leaders provoking one another while people are dying and the virus rapidly spreading. Can’t anyone see that this is an opportunity for a RESET? If we keep trying to save the world with the same tools, we will keep getting the same results (and failures). It’s not that the pandemic is striking every country at the same time, so why not take the lessons learned from those countries that have been through it and are breathing again after the storm? I just can’t understand why no country follows the WHO’s protocol and keep making selfish decisions instead of letting their ego and uniting for the sake of everyone…

Anyhow, the title of this post is “reset” because I am sure the world will never be the same again after Covid-19. People have lost their businesses, jobs, loved ones, money, health, etc. Along with the crisis, new businesses developed in short time, existing ones were forced to be creative, those who used to live paycheck after paycheck had to cut on expenses, and some realized all their activities were external or they had no hobbies other than shop and dine out. This whole situation is unprecedented and serious, but I hope you have stopped victimizing yourself or blaming others for your current situation. I also hope you are able to save money and find alternatives to stay healthy and happy with less.

If you have some faith left in humankind, please rethink your priorities and praise your family and friends while they are alive. We were given the task to save the planet by staying home with our loved ones and nothing else. So be thankful and realize that we all need very little to be happy.



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